Tripletail action off the chain, or should I say on the hook

31 October 2018

Tripletail caught in Tampa Bay

We’re seeing some great tripletail fishing right now in Tampa Bay, taking lots of fish and that measure 18 inches or more, the new minimum length after being raised not long ago from 15 inches.

It’s a hunting operation when searching for these powerful fighters, hopping between markers and floating buoys, where they hang out in search of small baitfish or crustaceans.

Natural live baits include shrimp, sardines or even small crabs, but they also will take artificials like jigs with soft plastic tails. These baits are thrown to the structure the tripletail are around, and when they are feeding, hookups are a cinch. As we transition into winter, these fish are really fired up, so now is the time to go to get in on this seasonal action.

Tripletail are not only great sport, they are one of the finer fish on the table. Baked, broiled, fried of grilled, they make a seafood entree that’s hard to beat.