Trout bite is on

10 June 2018

Spotted Sea Trout (Cynoscion Nebulosus)

Not actually a trout but is a member of the drum family black, red, croker. Great on lite tackle. Will eat almost anything greenbacks, shrimp dead or alive, cut bait, soft and hard plastics. Try to match the color of the water. White is my go-to. Free lining popping corks and bottom rigs will work equally as well depending on the area that you are fishing

Sandy areas around grass flats Salt and pepper bottom areas around oyster beds. Deeper areas around bridges where the current is good.

It’s good to be gentle, while fighting they have a soft mouth and it’s easy to pull the hook out. Light drag and 1/0 circle hooks.

Great table fare easy to clean Freeze well but better to eat fresh. Check out my recipe for Trout Tacos here.