Fishing with kids


Capt. Chuck Rogers

A message from Capt. Chuck

As a father myself, I know today’s young anglers are tomorrow’s keepers of the fishery, which is why I do my best to ensure kids fishing with me and Fin-Sanity Charters have the best and most positive experience possible.

They are our future, and the future of sport fishing depends on them to pick up where we adults leave off in protecting our environment and fisheries. If we do our part to pass on the joys and rewards of fishing to our kids, many will grow up with a fundamental respect for fishing and aquatic nature, which they’ll pass on to their children.

We all want to leave the world a better place than we left it, which is why it is so important to groom young anglers today for the stewardship they will provide tomorrow.

I encourages parents to bring their children fishing on our charter. Experienced anglers or brand new, I take the time needed to ensure kids aboard Fin-Sanity have a positive fishing experience and learn the vital lessons to help them enjoy their day fishing with us, and every day fishing that may follow.