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Trout bite is on

Spotted Sea Trout (Cynoscion Nebulosus) Not actually a trout but is a member of the drum family black, red, croker. Great on lite tackle. Will eat almost anything greenbacks, shrimp dead or alive, cut bait, soft and hard plastics. Try to match the color of the water. White is my go-to. Free lining popping corks

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Great fishing thanks to Irma and Nate

By Capt. Chuck Rogers Two hurricanes in less than a month? We’ll, we dodged the bullet on both, as one petered out over the state before making it up around Tampa, and the other was so far offshore that we didn’t get the full brunt. But there’s more good news, because after the storms, the

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Flat-out fun; it’s flounder time!

Right now we are focused on flounder, which are very active in Tampa Bay. Live bait has been tops, with live sardines, shrimp and small pin fish working equally well. We’re rigging up with 20-lb leader and a 1/16-oz  split shot 10 inches above 1/0 circle hook. We also are using tipped jigs from 1/8

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